Project Structure


WP1: Definition of features and requirements to deliver PAV‐DT as a service.

Task 1.1. Definition of hardware features and requirements for PAV‐DT


Task 1.2. Definition of communication system requirements


Task 1.3. Definition of digital platform features and requirements

WP2: Optimisation and industrialisation of PAV‐DT hardware units

Task 2.1. Hardware system architecture improvements.


Task 2.2. Data transfer technology upgrade


Task 2.3. Industrial process definition to allow low‐cost and efficient chain production


Task 2.4. Manufacturing and laboratory testing of new PAV‐DT hardware optimised design


Task 2.5. Product standardisation under European and worldwide regulations

WP3: Commercial software design and optimisation

Task 3.1. Software architecture design


Task 3.2. Registration of additional data to refine the predictive maintenance software


Task 3.3. Integration of all algorithms and preliminary validation

WP4: PAV‐DT digital platform implementation

Task 4.1. Software implementation phase and Cloud Computing Platform


Task 4.2. Web application design and mobile application optimisation and User interfaces (GUIs)


Task 4.3. Testing. Launching and fixation of errors

WP5: PAV‐DT demonstration in operational environment

Task 5.1. Integration of all developed elements to preliminary validation testing on site


Task 5.2. Preliminary validation test in operational environment


Task 5.3. Final validation and PAV-DT demonstration in operational environment

WP6: Exploitation and business model.

Task 6.1. Exploitation management


Task 6.2. IPR and knowledge management


Task 6.3. Innovation management


Task 6.4. Regulatory oversight


Task 6.5. Stakeholders definition and contact

WP7: Communication and dissemination plan

Task 7.1. Trade fairs, International Congresses and Conferences participation


Task 7.2. Participation in international industry exhibitions


Task 7.3. Scientific and industrial publications


Task 7.4. Networking with international associations


Task 7.5. Web portal creation

WP8: Project management

Task 8.1. Technical coordination and quality control


Task 8.2. Financial and administrative management


Task 8.3. Conflict and Risk Assessment